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About Us

CamArmour® is a designer and manufacturer of camera protection and support systems. With a deep understanding of customer’s needs, we provide an unmatched solution to all the camera professionals who seek excellence in camera operation by providing them with the highest quality protective gear and accessories for their equipment. We continuously strive to improve – our technologies, relationships, and service.


All our products are designed and manufactured from excellent quality raw materials and as per the highest quality standards in state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities. Our goal is to make sure your camera gets all the safety and support while you take your “perfect shot”. All our products are designed and manufactured in India.


We believe in working and growing through Creativity, Invention, and Innovation. Our core values include integrity, honesty, long-term view, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

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Vision & Mission

The vision of CamArmour® is to become the customer’s first choice for camera protection and support system requirements. We want to provide a protective shield to all Camera gears and to give the best camera support systems to every camera professional with the best quality products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our mission is to build long-term, trusting relationships with customers. We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction with regard to the usage of our products. We are devoted to helping every Photographer achieve their passion and dream to get the perfect click they always wanted while we take care of their equipment protection.


We believe there is no substitute for the skill and craftsmanship that develops with time, knowledge and experience. Our manufacturing team consists of some of the best-skilled labours in the business, who have mostly acquired all their proficiencies in our facility. Since we believe in bringing versatility into our products we just don't stop at using the best materials and craftsmanship available.  We continuously improve our designs, manufacturing processes, and product quality to provide the best product performance and to achieve “zero defects” in our daily operations.


In order to work closely with our customers and to develop the best solutions for their unique requirements, we ask our valuable customers for their feedback on regular basis. We make sure our ‘Development Team’ works on it to accelerate Research & Development and incorporate the customer’s perspective to enhance every product to define how a ‘Best-in-class’ product should be.

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Our objective is to design, manufacture and deliver superior quality products with no loopholes or any kind of defects in the process of manufacturing and designing.


To achieve this goal, we strive for excellence and product perfection in every form, shape, and design. Hence, we use high-end precise machinery and use the latest technology and equipment specialized to manufacture our products. We focus on the research and development of core technologies, specifically in the areas of precision measurement and manufacturing, materials, and systems.


So, it is safe to say no one in the world does it quite as we do.

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Karan Kalsi CamArmour Founder & CEO


Ramandeep Malhotra CamArmour COO


Amit Srivastava CamArmour Global Sales Head


Samarth Kaushik CamArmour IT Head


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