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CamArmour Lens Covers

Sony 200-600mm Lens Cover
Crystal Clear Window
100% Closed-Cell Neoprene
Protection from Bumps & Scratches
​Thermal Resistance LensCovers
Water-Repellent LensCovers
​Thermal Resistance*


It's easy for a manufacturer to grab off the shelf material and technology and put them into their products, but not in our case though. In CamArmour, our research and development team have put their best expertise to get best of technologies in the world to make sure our products are world-class and while we do that we still strive to serve even better with our new innovations and improvisations to exceed every customer expectation. This will keep your lens covers protected from the harsh climate while maintaining a suitable temperature for your lens cover.

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Water Repellent

*Water Repellent is a finish added to the shell of the CamArmour Lens Covers to make it water-repellent, preventing the outer layer of Lens Covers from “wetting out” or becoming saturated with water, but that doesn't mean the lens become WATERPROOF.

Thermal Resistance

CamArmour Lens Cover gives you the ability to stay out in cold weather no matter where you’re taking pictures. CamArmour Lens Cover is made of Surpassing Neoprene which gives you the best thermal resistance for your camera lenses.

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Surpassing Neoprene

We travelled the globe to find the absolute best technologies and raw material to make sure CamArmour products exceed your every expectation. CamArmour Lens Covers are made of surpassing neoprene and other unequalled multiple layers.

Protection from Bumps & Scratches

CamArmour Lens Covers provide protection to your valuable camera lenses against the scratches, minor bumps and cosmetic wear and tear. It even provides protection to the camera lenses from the harsh climate and uplifts the look of the camera.

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Tropical Wood-Web®

Desiccated Wood-Web Camouflage
Desiccated Wood-Web® Camouflage
Tropical Wood-Web Camouflage
Tropical Wood-Web® Camouflage
SO26TWW 1920X1080.png

Improved Camouflage

LC Brands
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Choose Your Lens Brand

More Brands Of Lens Covers Coming Soon
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